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In my role as your local Council Representative, you have a dedicated leader who listens and works hard to address your concerns in a timely matter.  Honesty, Transparency and Integrity is what you'll get from me each and every day.

Workforce Development

Norristown has experienced improved Economic and Workforce Development growth as the County seat, along with Infrastructure improvements and increased Public Safety initiatives.  It is an exciting time in Norristown and as your Municipal Council representative, I’m proud to represent the residents of this community.  As Norristown is central to major retail centers, manufacturers, corporate offices, social service and healthcare facilities, there are tremendous opportunities for additional workforce development growth.


As your council representative, I enjoy making a concerted effort to work with our local workforce agencies and academic institutions to assist the unemployed and underemployed residents of Norristown. Local job creation and promoting small businesses and companies that hire Norristown residents are what I take most pride in. It is also important to me that developers work closely with local labor to provide opportunities for residents from the community in which they will be benefiting from.

Public Safety 

The Norristown Police Department embraces and practices a community based approach that encourages both residents and law enforcement to work together while building a level of improved communication and trust.  As your council representative, I have created and promote initiatives that aim to bridge the gap between the cops and the community. Collaboration and building trust is a major priority of mine while ensuring that citizens are presented with proper resources. Whether I'm connecting our police department to our youth through "Reading with a Cop" or working closely with our at-risk populations providing mediation and resources, you will find me promoting unity and understanding between residents and law enforcement.

The Norristown Fire Department also spends countless hours in the community educating the youth and families on fire prevention and safety.  I am an advocate for the partnerships between the fire department and various community groups which has brought about much awareness within the community among our children and families.  Participating in community smoke detector drives, promoting volunteerism and identifying community resources for those affected by tragedy are obligations that are close to my heart.

Constituency Services 

Serving the people is the most crucial job that elected officials are voted into office to perform.  A resident's grass may be too high which can give the neighborhood an eye sore and can bring unwanted pests and critters.  A resident might also be performing unauthorized night work on their property while violating code and disturbing the peace. In other cases, violation of trash policy, landlord neglect, illegal activity or suspicious behavior might raise concerns within your neighborhood. All of the above are quality of life issues and public nuisances that I respond quickly to and work hard to address while working with the appropriate municipal parties.  Working for the people is something that I take most pride in doing.  Seeing that quality of life issues are handled accordingly, and that residents are treated fairly is top priority.

Youth Opportunity 

With past and current experiences as a co-founder of a youth sports organization, a head coach at the highschool level and a youth program director at both the county and community level, I strive to create and support programs that give our children the opportunity to succeed.  Whether I am helping young people obtain employment or complete a college admission application, I truly value my responsibility of being a mentor and person of reference.  As councilman, I make it a priority to work alongside of local agencies and community leaders to move our children forward while exposing them to meaningful learning experiences.  Youth who have solid opportunities and exposure in academics, sports and the arts are less likely to make bad choices or engage in negative behavior. Promoting safe and advanced recreational parks is another area that I'm passionate about and I fight each day to see that our children get what they deserve.

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